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Bigg Boss 10 23rd December 2016 Written Update

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Bigg Boss 10 23rd December 2016 Written Update

DA 68
Inmates wake up to fizz song.

Gaurav counts bowls not washed, he asks Bani about it, Bani says they are not our bowls, we didnt cook any rice, Gaurav says where is rice? Bani says this is rice cooker, you still have no sense about utensils, Gaurav says i was just counting bowls not cooker, first listen then comment, Bani says no need to be snappy in morning, Gaurav says you dont understand that you speak like that, you make sarcastic comments on everything, Bani says its fact you cant regocgnize utensils, Gaurav says dont pass personal comments, i dont, Bani says you do, you can have fun but i cant? Gaurav leaves.

Mona and Lopa are washing dishes. Mona says captain is not allowed to work but i would do work if i am captain, Lopa says i am washing too, Mona points out that Gaurav just wiped the platform but did not bother to clean the utensils even after seeing the mess, Lopa says two people dont care about anything in this house, they dont even care about each other, Mona says Bani always wash her dishes and dont disturb anyone about her food but Gaurav doesnt do anything, Lopa says i used to cook for Bani in start, i used to cook separately for her and now she doesnt care about anyone, she just keep sitting in room.

Mona tells Manu that Naveen still miss me, Manu says yes Vikrant told you that you should praise people who left and people in house are not your friends. Manveer mimics Vikrant when he said that Mona have no friends. Manu says he said that we backbite about you but you are always behind me then how can i backbite about you? Mona says i told him that its not like this, Niti says he was tensed that his girlfriend is away. Mona says i never said anything about Piku(Manu’s fiance) then why he is making fun of Vikrant? Manu says i wont now.

Bigg Boss gives Manu and Swami a chance to charge the battery. They have to walk on a hamster wheel for a considerable amount of time till the battery shoots up to 86%. One at a time will run hamster wheel.

Manu stands in hamster wheel and starts moving it, Swami says let me try too, what if Manu gets tired? Gaurav asks Manu to move calmly and sing songs, all inmates sing song with him.

Swami asks Manu to let him walk in wheel, battery will be charged. Manu comes out of wheel, Lopa asks Swami to be careful. Swami starts moving wheel, he ask inmates to not say anything, dont make me laugh, Swami has difficulty to move wheel, Manu asks him to move feet.

Manu stands in wheel again and moves it. Battery is charged to 86%. All congrats Manu.
Bigg boss asks Swami to wear his mic. Swami runs and wears his mic but battery is drained to 83%. Swami says i was going to washroom only, Bigg boss says inmates have to wear mic all the time.

Niti says to Bani that you boycott Swami and asked inmates to boycott him and we did. Now no one is talking to Priyanka because of what she said, but you are still talking to her, she said such ill words, Bani says she is very sweet to me, everyone was fighting with her yesterday then her kids and everyone was playing with her kids, Niti says her kids are not at fault, Bani says it would be duality, Niti says no it was sporting that all welcomed them. Priyanka says i am good mother thats why i allowed everyone to my kids. Lopa says Priyanka should keep sleeping. Priyanka says i wont say what she wants to listen, Niti says you take care of your health, have fun, i will say what i want, Priyanka says do not talk about me to anyone, just try it, Bigg boss asks Priyanka to wear mic, battery is drained to 80%. Lopa says dont talk to person who is not wearing person. Manveer says no one is liking to talk to Priyanka.

Manveer is called in activity area. Swami and Manu hugs him. Manveer comes in activity area. Manveer is given four options:
1st option: meet his father for 2mins, will use 41% battery
2nd option: meet his father for 10minutes, will use 48% battery
3rd option: Get his father’s message, will use 16% battery
4th option: Talk to father on phone, will use 21% battery

Manveer is emotional and sees his father on TV, he says hello papa, he starts crying and bows infront of of TV seeing his father. Manveer chooses to meet his father for 10minutes using 48%.
Manveer comes out of activity area and says my father is coming. Swami says i will welcome him. Manver says move away, let me go. Manveer is waiting for his father to come looking at door. Father enters house, Manveer gets emotional seeing his father. He falls in his feet and cries, Father picks him up and hugs him, Manveer cries, father asks him to not cry. Mona and Manu are emotional seeing it too. Manveer is laughing and crying at sametime, father cries too, Manveer asks you fine? he says fine, he checks Manveer’s forehead for his injury and asks him to calm down. Manveer brings father to inmates. Swami says you have given him great upbringing, Manu, Rohan, Gaurav, Niti, Lopa, Mona touches his feet, father hugs Swami. Manveer takes him aside, inmates go away to give them privacy. Manveer asks everything fine? father says keep playing like you are playing, everything is looking good outside and be careful about some people, your injury fine now? Manveer says i am playing fine? i am original, Father says you are free bird, how you spent 2.3months here? Manu comes there, father says i am shocked that he stayed here for more than 2months. Swami comes there and Niti comes there too. Father says i know everyone. Mona says me and Manveer are wearing same clothes. Father says you are all looking great outside, Manveer asks how is Swami? Father says Swami keep house occupied. Priyanka comes there and touches his feet, he asks you ill? Priyanka says your son made me sick fighting with me. Manveer says let me show you home. They go inside. Lopa says Manveer has same features like his father. Father asks Manveer to be careful of Manu, dont follow him for everything, Manveer says i play as i want but rightnow situation is difficult. Manu tell inmates that Manveer is meeting his father after 8years. Lopa says bigg boss made them met. Manveer asks Father how he came here? father says using plane, Manveer says i had to shave my beard, father says you were praised for that, Manveer says we will start afresh, we have many grudges. Bigg boss says father has to leave now. Father meet inmates, Manu says Manveer his beard away for me, father says he didnt give it up for me but he did it for you, Gaurav and Bani touches his feet too. Swami says greet everyone, father says everyone greet you forcefully you play like that, all laugh. Manveer hugs and touches his feet, father leaves. Manveer is so happy. Mona says your father is so sweet. Lopa says he talks so less and you dont stop talking, Manusays he has come to Mumbai for first time, Lopa says how cute. Manveer touches Swami’s feet and thanks him, Swami says i was praying for you. Rohan asks did you meet him after 8years? Manveer says i met him a few times but not properly, we talked most today.
Manu is in washroom. Mona knocks it and asks him to come out. Manu cries in washroom. Mona comes to Manveer and tells him that, Manveer asks Swami to not come. Lopa asks Swami to give space. Manu too gets extremely emotional and locks himself in the washroom. Manveer comes there and knocks washroom, Manu opens door and is crying. Manveer says you are playing nice, he hugs him and says we met because of you, Manu cries and says i want my mom, i didnt realize it before but after seeing your father, i am realizing it, Mona comes there too, Manveer says i want her too, dont cry, we will be together, dont cry, you are able to reconnect with them but i couldnt even meet them before,

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Written Update by Atiba

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