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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd December 2016 Written Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd December 2016 Written Update

Kokila looking at Ahem’s pic takes oath to get punishment for Ahem’s murderer and get justice to him and tells god that he has to help her at any cost. Pari and Mona hear her and smirk. Urvashi looking at Jaggi’s pic prays god to save her son. Urmila consoles her not to worry, Gopi has gone to get Jaggi’s bail. Pari with Mona hears their conversation and yells whatever they pray,Jaggi will not be out in life. Inspector calls Jaggi and tells it is time to take him to central jail. Inmates discuss that central jail is one-way traffic and no body can get back from there.

Gopi drives car towards police station hurriedly and rams car on a man. She gets out of car and asks man if he is fine. People scold Gopi and some say Gopi is not at mistake.

Gopi says man that she will take him to hospital. Man says she can drop him to his house. Dharam goes to his godown looking at culprit’s pic who made Ahem’s accident. He thinks he has seen this man somewhere. Shravan comes and Dharam shows him pic. Shravan says he is Manoj, their old driver. Dharam himself had kicked him out after he made some mistake. Dharam asks if they can get his address. Shravan says they have it in employee records.

Gopi drops man/Monoj to his home and injured Manoj walks into his house. Dharam drives car calling Gopi repeatedly. He reaches the spot and asks Gopi what is she doing here. Gopi says a man came in front of her car, so she dropped him home. Dharam says his old driver Manoj had made Ahem’s accident and his house is somewhere here. He shows pic. Gopi is shocked to see the same man and says he is the one who came in front of her car and she dropped him here. They both enter house and see Manoj missing. Dharam sees blood stains on back door and they both run out via back door to see Manoj running. Dharam runs behind him, but a few goons kindap Manoji in a car and speed away. Gopi says someone does not want to get Ahem’s murder secret out.

Gopi’s lawyer reaches police station and asks Inspector not to shift Jaggi as Gopi is on the way. Inspector says he cannot and asks constable to get ledger of shifting inmates to central jail. Gopi calls inspector and asks him not to make any formalities as she is on the way. He says he cannot help and asks Jaggi to sign ledger. Jaggi in a filmy style asks him to get a sign of his mother first. Inspector asks to stop his drama and sign. Gopi reaches with bail bond papers. Dharam tells they had caught the culprit, but someone kidnapped him. Inspector says there is some more secret to Ahem’s murder. Gopi bails Jaggi and takes him away.

Meera feeds food to Chanda and asks her be happy always. Chanda yells how can she being tied like this and tries to leave, but gets electric shock. Meera shows concern.

Gopi travels towards home with Jaggi. Jaggi says everyone must be happy hearing he is coming back home. Gopi says Kokila is not, she did not inform her about bail yet. Jaggi says he will stay in outhouse until Kokila’s misunderstanding clears.

Goon calls Gaua and informs he has kidnapped Manoj before Dharam could grab Manoj. Gaura orders him to make sure Manoj is not caught by Dharam or police. She then reminisces Dharam asking police to take his baa to jail and fumes. She also reminisces challenging Kokila that she will destroy her and Gopi.

Precap: Pari tells in front of Kokila that Gopi got Jaggi’s bail. Urmila says bail has not happened yet. Kokila asks Mona to call police station, she wants to speak to Jaggi right now.

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